[Qgis-developer] Error on command "cpack NSIS", 1.5.0

David Silva Barrera dsilva at uci.cu
Tue Apr 12 11:54:41 EDT 2011



I tried to generate a qgis 1.5.0 installer package, but I received an error:


CPACK shows this:


CPack: Create package using NSIS

CPack: Install projects

CPack: - Run preinstall target for: qgis1.5.0

CPack: - Install project: qgis1.5.0

Installing CORE headers...

Installing ANALYSIS headers...

Installing GUI headers...

CPack: Compress package

CPack Error: Problem running NSIS command: "C:/Archivos de

Please check
n32/NSIS/NSISOutput.log for errors

CPack Error: Problem compressing the directory

CPack Error: Error when generating package: qgis1.5.0




This is from the NSISoutput.log file:


Error in macro MUI_HEADERIMAGE_INIT on macroline 24

Error in macro MUI_GUIINIT on macroline 3

Error in macro MUI_FUNCTION_GUIINIT on macroline 4

Error in macro MUI_INSERT on macroline 11

Error in macro MUI_LANGUAGE on macroline 7

Error in script
in32/NSIS/project.nsi" on line 438 -- aborting creation process



Project.nsi has this text on line 438:


  !insertmacro MUI_LANGUAGE "English"




My Windows XP's language is Spanish.  Maybe NSIS can't find an English



Please help.





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