[Qgis-developer] Merging gis-newgis theme

Ramon Andinach custard at westnet.com.au
Sun Apr 17 19:56:56 EDT 2011

On 18/04/2011, at 05:35 , Robert Szczepanek wrote:

> Hello Lisbon!
> I made short review of two very similar themes [1], as we decided to joint them. It covers only basic set (without any plugin). As base for merging I propose "gis" theme, as there are more plugin icons.
> Simple voting system (1B, 2B, 3A, ...)  will work you think?
> Please add your comments Anita, if needed.
> regards,
> Robert
> [1] http://robert.szczepanek.pl/tmp/theme.png

This is interesting. Not a single one of my installations has decided to use those most of those symbols, and while I recognise them, there's going to be a bit of retraining happening here.

> 1:
> A	+ consistent with next

Also, to me this symbol reflects what the icon does better, but not what the function is called. It's where you make a new layout (a big page), but is called a print manager. But then there's problems about difference in name and symbol.

> 2:
> A	+ one vector sign in theme (see 15)
> B	+ nicer (transparency)

2B - matches better with the others. (Although I do like the "V" for vector shape of the other).

> 3:
> A	- too small map sign
> B	- page/paper? sing

Not a button I'm using a lot at them moment, so I'll not comment.

> 4: see 2


> 5:
> A	- <extend view>? not <pan>
> B	+ consistent with cursor; recognizable
> 	- not sharp	

5B. Also a lot closer to what i'm used to seeing.

> 6:	
> B	- from another theme

6A. I'm used to 6B but like 6A better

> 7:
> B	- from another theme

Wouldn't it look better to have the same sort of disc as near 1 (consistent)? The problem here is differentiation between save vector and save project. Perhaps if it ad a disc similar to the project with a vector overlain, similar to 2? (Does that make sense)

> 8,11-14:
> A	smooth
> B	sharp

B. Even if few of my shapes look like that :)

> 9:
> A	+ easy to scale as general <move> action (small sign in right bottom; see one after 21 - move annotation)

I'm used to seeing something closer to the 4-way arrow at the bottom of 9B. With the arrow it's own I'm getting a "next" impression, but if you put it where the star is in 8A I could understand that (so something similar to 23A).
I think, 9B.

> 10:
> A	+ fits in action area -> reusable?
> B	+ bigger

I'm reading this as a button for node settings, so I'd probably expect a dialogue box. I presume this is going to create/move/edit nodes? 

> 11-14:	green (A) vs. white vertex (B) for "object to be processes"
> B	- why 8 and 9 without white vertex?

For B, maybe translucent, similar to 2B? I suspect they'd be a bit hard to see if they were unfilled.

> 15:
> A	+ simple message

Ah. The pencil is "save as". Ok. Got it. A, with the polygon like 2B.

> 16-17:
> A	- not clear message (16 taken from GIMP)
> B	- hard to recognize, 17 too dark

16A. This may be because I've just had the super glue out. I'm struggling to see the band-aid (plaster), but it I could tell what it was, I'd understand that.
(Is there meant to be duplication there?)

> 18:
> A	- too smal arrow
> B	- "i" in strange place

18B. Yes, the I is in a strange place, but I get what it's doing. You could reverse the arrow, and get the "i" in a better place, but then the arrow would be all wrong.

> 19:
> A & B	both are unclear

19B. I've got a symbol that is something like a highlighted yellow bit with a big cross in it. Which makes sense to me, but wouldn't fit this set. How about something like the 18.5A symbol with the cross from 14 where the arrow is?

> 20-21:
> A	- not typical
> B	- bookmark (but spatial?); breaks "without perspective view" rule

I like B. Perserspective-wise, is there something that is obviously a bookmark that could be used? I see the golf flag suggestion. I'd think that's also something I'd only recognise in perspective too.

> 22-25:
> A	+ consistent

A. But noting preference for 4-way thingy in 9B.

Probably just muddying the water here. But I hope this is of some help.

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