[Qgis-developer] ecw and linux nightly builds

Ramon Andinach custard at westnet.com.au
Thu Apr 21 18:38:08 EDT 2011

On 22/04/2011, at 01:34 , Giovanni Manghi wrote:

>> So the current situation for "regular" GIS users who need support for 
>> ecw is:
>> On windows -
>> You have a chance to get ecw support if you were lucky enough to 
>> download the previous ERDAS SDK 4.0 (which is no longer available). The 
>> latest one, 4.1 causes gdal to crash.
> yes. A ticket on the osgeo4w tracker as already been filed.
>> On Linux -
>> You're probably out of luck for now.
> you need the old sdk source code, then it compiles fine into GDAL.

I would imagine that a "regular" GIS user wouldn't be as insane as to try and run the nightly builds! :)

I did have it running the lucid binaries for qgis1.6. 
Note that when Giovanni says old sdk he means the even older 3.3 sdk.

OK. I've just rolled back to qgis1.6 and yes ecw works.

I notice:
The lucid nightly qgis depends libgdal 1-1.6.0

The lucid 1.6 qgis depends libgdal 1-1.7.0

The current version of libgdal-ecw-src (from which I can use the wiki instructions) expects and uses libgdal 1.7

Which to a fairly-close to regular user like me, is a bit of a problem.

Actually, what would be really nice here, is to be able to run the 1.6 and 1.7 qgis versions side by side like I can on macos and windows.


A bit if guess-work:
I would imagine that the nightly build is against the earliest libraries that are likely to be needed (hence gdal1.6) on the basis that if it works there, it will work with gdal1.7 or gdal1.8. 

I hope that for release qgis would be compiled against gdal1.7 or gdal1.8 rather than stepping back to 1.6.
 But, this is the first release I've been watching this closely so I don't really know what's about to happen.

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