[Qgis-developer] QGIS Processing Framework

Julien Malik julien.malik at c-s.fr
Fri Apr 29 11:12:42 EDT 2011


Some final thoughts before the week end :

- Even though its clear that the main objective is to have this 
framework well integrated in Qgis, it would be nice if it could be 
accessed without running Qgis, at least for the "back end" part. Being 
able to access it through a standard Python shell would be very usefull. 
I think it converges with Paolo's idea of having a scriptable Qgis.

- Having the backend accessible through a C/C++ interface would then be 
great , so that we can access it not only from Python, but also from 
other non-Python-compatible langages/applications (say Java for example, 
to be able to integrate it in current state of the art WPS implementations)

- Being able to run each module GUI independently, outside Qgis, would 
be nice also. Less sure on this one... At least not the priority.

For the OTB modules we have some other target applications where we 
would like to push our modules. I'm now seeing things in a much wider 
scope thanks to this discussion, and I'm telling myself we should handle 
things one step above : it is probably the Qgis framework that we will 
want to wrap in other applications.
As already said, using as much manpower as possible from the open source 
community is important so that it becomes a success story.

Maybe those points are obvious to all of you, just wanted to mention 
them to be sure.

And I know : one step at a time ;)

Best regards,

Le 29/04/2011 13:15, Paolo Cavallini a écrit :
> Il giorno ven, 29/04/2011 alle 12.43 +0200, Julien Malik ha scritto:
>> Anyway, I agree with the fact that there shall be a lot of ideas to get
>> inspiration from, so that :
>> - WPS services can be integrated in the Qgis framework out of the box
>> - Any Qgis processing modules can be wrapped in a future "Qgis WPS
>> server" (?)
>> - We can reuse all the good ideas from the WPS standard
> Agreed, this makes a lot of sense.
> All the best.

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