[Qgis-developer] local installation of qgis trunk without GRASS plugin

Otto Dassau dassau at gbd-consult.de
Sat Apr 30 05:52:15 EDT 2011


when I compile qgis trunk and install it in a local folder
(e.g. /software/qgis_trunk) all is fine except for the GRASS plugin. The
libraries are build, but it is not selectable in the Plugin Manager. 

Does anybody know where the problem is?

cmake .
-- Quantum GIS version: 1.7.0 Wroclaw (10700)
-- Found GRASS: /opt/grass (6.4.1)
-- Found Proj: /usr/lib64/libproj.so
-- Found Expat: /usr/lib64/libexpat.so
-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /software/qgis_trunk


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