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maaza mekuria sailmcm at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 2 18:32:17 EST 2011

I am wondering which APIdocumentation is applicable for Python functions for Version 1.6 Copiapo release. 

For example, I was using QGSGeometry and according to the documentation it takes a point and returns a double and another argument that receives a vertex (closest) on the line segment geometry.

Similar discrepancy exists for closestsegmentWithContext.  exists. The documentations says it like this, 
double QgsGeometry::closestegmentWithContext(qgsPoint,

but in the 1.6 version I am using, it give an array of results and it must be retrieved as part of an array.

Where would be the API docs that corresponds to a particular version of the software. I am assuming that the Python functions parallel those of C++. Until I could run with all the C++ crowd, (I am seriously contemplating to do just that, except I do not know how?) can you help me walk along the pathway of QGIS? If I could compile QGIS in QT I would jump to it immediately. I also wanted to just compile a dll in QGIS instead of compiling a complete3 application, I do not want to create a separate GUI, but just a dll that would be called like a Python

Thank you for your help,


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