[Qgis-developer] Where, O Where is the Python/C++ API Documentation for 1.6 QGIS

maaza mekuria sailmcm at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 2 20:42:24 EST 2011

Thank you Noli!  

I do use all the other documentations available and I sometimes have to bang my head on the virtual wall and I sometimes worry if my head will crack or I go nuts before I get the answer. But I am quite happy with what I have been given already, I am provided much by many who labored before me. If only I could learn how to make C++ plugins then, may be then, all the mysteries will be over, and I could join the ones that contribute to the welbeing of the user base. 

I was under the impression that the C++ API methods return the same data as the Python methods. Is that true or am I thinking the unthinkable?

Thank you again for a swift response!

May you have a blessed new year,


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Hi Maaza.

Here is the C++ API.


I think there is no documentation of the Python API to corresponding
to C++, however, Qgis have pyqgis cookbook and other useful tools.



You can look at the plugins in the repository, visit the sites and
download the plugins and see how they are implemented in python.


You also install the plugins and browse the plugin directory to see
the python codes.

Compiling QGIS, visit this site (below).



On 1/3/11, maaza mekuria <sailmcm at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am wondering which APIdocumentation is applicable for Python functions for
> Version 1.6 Copiapo release.
> For
>  example, I was using QGSGeometry and according to the documentation it
> takes a point and returns a double and another argument that receives a
> vertex (closest) on the line segment geometry.
> Similar discrepancy exists for closestsegmentWithContext.  exists. The
> documentations says it like this,
> double QgsGeometry::closestegmentWithContext(qgsPoint,
>            minDistPoint,beforeVertex)
> but in the 1.6 version I am using, it give an array of results and it must
> be retrieved as part of an array.
> Where
>  would be the API docs that corresponds to a particular version of the
> software. I am assuming that the Python functions parallel those of C++.
>  Until I could run with all the C++ crowd, (I am seriously contemplating
>  to do just that, except I do not know how?) can you help me walk along
> the pathway of QGIS? If I could compile QGIS in QT I would jump to it
> immediately. I also wanted to just compile a dll in QGIS instead of
> compiling a complete3 application, I do not want to create a separate
> GUI, but just a dll that would be called like a Python
> Thank you for your help,
> Maaza

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