[Qgis-developer] GDAL Version inside qgis python API

Maurício de Paulo mauricio.dev at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 13:36:59 EST 2011

I'm still with the problem of how to get a gdal version from a python API
inside QGIS.
Now i've looked at gdal_tools code and it calls the module gdal and checks
it's version. Seems odd to know that the module and qgis doesn't use the
same versions on a OSGeo4W installation.
On my laptop qgis reports (on the about screen) gdal 1.5.3 and python-gdal
reports 1.7.3.
That sounds ok as I've really installed gdal 1.7 by hand, but I'm still on
the same problem.
Is there any way to get to know what kind of files does qgis open as raster?
On gdal it would be getDriverByName() and check if it's ok but how can I
access this throught the qgis API to use the exactly same version as the
DataProvider is using?
Thanks for any tips.

Mauricio de Paulo
Engenheiro Cartografo
MapeandoOBrasil <http://mapeandoobrasil.blogspot.com>
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