[Qgis-developer] WktRaster 0.3

Maurício de Paulo mauricio.dev at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 22:37:52 EST 2011

Hi devs,
I've updated the wktraster plugin to solve a few issues and to implement the
data loading gui.
Now the plugin have an interface to load data to the database.
I know jorge is going to ask for a few more options on the ui but I thought
that it should be as clean as possible at first. Loading data is still a
non-trivial task so I forced a single use case.
I couldn't test the gdal version tester as I found my windows gdal version
is now 1.7.
At least I could test the data loading and visualization of the utm.tif file
on windows 7 (thanks OSGEO4W).
I hope you enjoy.
Best regards,

Mauricio de Paulo
Engenheiro Cartografo
MapeandoOBrasil <http://mapeandoobrasil.blogspot.com>
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