[Qgis-developer] Unknown CRS problem

Werner Macho werner.macho at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 04:41:30 EST 2011

+1 for Martins idea!
I like it .. educating the user that way is a very good idea .. hope 
it's not too hard to implement..

Am 11.01.2011 10:38, schrieb Martin Dobias:
> My idea was that if they have layers with unknown CRS, also the
> project's CRS would be set to unknown. So no reprojection would happen
> and no warnings shown. Even measuring could work to some degree -
> assuming planar coordinates, with unknown units. Warnings would be
> issued only when user explicitly does an action where known CRS is
> necessary - e.g. change project CRS, add a layer with different
> (known) CRS. There could be a "learn more" button leading to a brief
> explanation of CRS, projections and why is it good to have them in
> order - we could educate our users :)
> Martin
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