[Qgis-developer] Unknown CRS problem

Nick Hopton nhopton at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 09:24:42 EST 2011

Marco wrote:

> There will always be problems at some point if the layers / map CRS are not
> properly set. I just want to avoid more complications compared to the current
> situation if this is not the case ( because it happens so frequently in
> practice ).

Agreed, even (apparently) simple changes can have unexpected
consequences. The discussions on this topic have been very
interesting, but back to the point. At present, QGIS reports the CRS
of a layer whose projection it cannot determine as the QGIS default
CRS. It would be very helpful if the CRSs of such layers were reported
by QGIS as 'unknown'. At present, right-clicking on a layer and going
Properties -> General can produce downright wrong information on the
CRS of the layer and I think this is undesirable.

Regards, Nick.

Nick Hopton, Caversham, Reading, England.

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