[Qgis-developer] Re: timtut2: error message loading data

Sven Bauhan sven.bauhan at ast.dfs.de
Fri Jan 14 05:04:41 EST 2011


> you have probably forgotten to set the correct path to QGIS
> installation. Without that, QGIS cannot locate modules which are
> necessary for loading of various types of layers. Look for
> setPrefixPath() function in your code and check what you pass there.
> You don't write what OS do you use, but for example on unix systems
> the default path where QGIS is installed is /usr (if installed from a
> distribution package) or /usr/local (if built from source).
I did not find a method call to setPrefixPath() but I changed a call to
QgsProvideRegistry::instance( myPluginsDir ).

Now it works - so I only need to understand now what happens there :-)

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