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Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Thu Jan 20 01:50:08 EST 2011

Hi all.
I think this is a good source of inspiration.
Does anybody plan to work on PostGIS 3D geom in QGIS?
All the best.

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> Hallo all
> Sorry for cross posting, but I think it is worth mentioning that PostGIS
> and gvSIG is in good sync right now.
> PostGIS aims to get out version 2.0 next summer with new 3D geometry
> types and functions (besides a lot of other goodies) and gvSIG is
> working on an extension to render 3D maps.
> Today I have had things working quite well because of great assistance
> from gsSIG devs that supplied the latest patches to the jdbc driver. 
> There is still some way to go before everything runs smooth, but it was
> really great to see the geometries turning around.
> Also the animation worked great , but I don't think it was possible to
> record it as file. But I have just played around some, so I might have
> missed something.
> Since POLYHEDRALSURFACE is not understood by gvSIG I just used st_dump
> to split it to separate polygons instead. 
> Of course I then had to try ST_3DShortestline.
> It looked nice I think.
> In the attached pictures is two 2D geometries and the shortestline.
> Since I splitted the geometries to separate polygons there is one
> shortestline from each polygon in one geometry to each polygon in the
> other.
> Regards
> Nicklas
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