[Qgis-developer] A roadmap to QGIS 2.0

Tim Sutton lists at linfiniti.com
Tue Jan 25 16:04:12 EST 2011

Hi All

To summarise the opinions (toungue in cheek here):

- we should wait a long time for 2.0 - like maybe in ten years
- lets release it tomorrow
- september sounds fine

I would like to suggest we head along the path I described, nothing is
cast in stone and come september if everything is not 100% good to go
we obviously won't release until we feel ready to do so. Personally I
am excited about the idea of having another major release and starting
towards making QGIS a mature analytical GIS in the 2.x series
culminating in 3.0, rather than primarily a GIS data browser.

Regarding the idea of long term supported releases, we have tried to
do this before, and variations of stable and unstable release cycles
etc. From past experience my opinion is that we will only be able to
realise that kind of release process when there are a team of QGIS
developers whose time is wholely devoted to maintaining stable
releases and backporting bugfixes from upstream to them. The reality
is that developers (or their sponsors) work on what they need or feel
like and we have no leverage to dictate how they should

2011/1/24 Sergey Yakushev <yakushevs at list.ru>:
> Mon, 24 Jan 2011 17:14:29 +0100 письмо от Marco Hugentobler <marco.hugentobler at sourcepole.ch>:
>> Hi Sergey
>> > C++ plugin developer can use boost graph library
>> The role of the boost library is not clear to me. Do you mean that plugin
>> developers may use it or do you plan to implement parts of the analysis/vector
>> code on top of boost?
> Plugin developers may use boost graph library.
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> С уважением Якушев Сергей yakushevs at list.ru
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