[Qgis-developer] error in georeferencer

Manuel Massing m.massing at warped-space.de
Wed Jan 26 03:57:44 EST 2011

Thanks Paolo,

I'll look into it this evening.

> Yes:
> - it happens only at the startup of the georeferencer
> - it happens on a machine, not on another
> - the console says:
> Warning: Object::connect: No such signal
> QgsGCPListWidget::replaceDataPoint( QgsGeorefDataPoint*, int )
> in
> /home/paolo/build/qgis/qgis_unstable/src/plugins/georeferencer/qgsgcplistw
> idget.cpp:70 All the best.

What exactly is the message you see (verbatim)? Have you tried doing a clean 
rebuild of the georeferencer?

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