[Qgis-developer] Problems using QgsVectorLayer::selectedFeatures()

Federico J. Fernández federico.fernandez at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 19:49:52 EST 2011

Hi List,

I'm developing an application using the QGIS API.

At this point, I need to replicate the QGIS functionality for merging
features in a given layer. I copied some parts of the code from qgisapp.cpp,
but I have some problems.

In short, I receive an abort from the compiler when the method exits at the
point that the QList destructor is called.

Do I have to take special considerations calling this method?

The relevant code is:

    QgsFeatureList featureList = this->currentLayer->selectedFeatures();
//get QList<QgsFeature>

Where this->currentLayer is a QgsVectorLayer.


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