[Qgis-developer] build error

Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Wed Feb 1 12:37:21 EST 2012

Hi Borys,

On Mon, 30. Jan 2012 at 18:24:15 +0100, Borys Jurgiel wrote:
> Seems so! During the first compilation after cleaning, 
> the python_module_qgis_analysis seems to go smooth:
> but then it breaks in qgis.core with this segfault:
> [ 92%] Generating core/sipcorepart0.cpp, core/sipcorepart1.cpp, core/sipcorepart2.cpp, core/sipcorepart3.cpp
> sip: Deprecation warning: /home/borys/sources/Quantum-GIS/python/core/core.sip:1: %Module version number should be specified using the 'version' argument
> Segmentation fault
> make[2]: *** [python/core/sipcorepart0.cpp] Error 139
> make[1]: *** [python/CMakeFiles/python_module_qgis_core.dir/all] Error 2
> make: *** [all] Error 2

> In next attempts, it just can't find that file:
> [ 92%] Built target python_module_qgis_analysis
> Scanning dependencies of target python_module_qgis_core
> [ 92%] Building CXX object python/CMakeFiles/python_module_qgis_core.dir/core/sipcorepart0.cpp.o                                                                 
As sip creates the files that cmake expects before the crash, so cmake doesn't
re-run sip.  But the header file that sip didn't create is still necessary to
compile the output...

Interestingly in the nightly builds sip only crashes on Ubuntu Natty 32bit.  It
works find on Ubuntu Lucid, Maverick, Natty 64bit and Debian squeeze.  Debian
unstable is probably fine too - but the build script didn't cope with natty
producing just one of two architectures.

On Windows it crashed too, but I patched sip on osgeo4w with [1].


[1] https://gist.github.com/1709985

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