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Nathan Woodrow madmanwoo at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 02:46:27 PDT 2012

I had this issue the other day when I used the Copy Style function.
Must be a bug. Can you fill a ticket for it.


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To update this post,

I have compared the project file code for both the layer that works and
the layer that doesn't and I have found differences in the
customproperties section. This section does not exist in the layer that
works - it only exists for the layer that I copied the style for.
Removing it makes the layer show on the map.

                <property key="labeling" value="pal"/>
                <property key="labeling/addDirectionSymbol"
                <property key="labeling/bufferColorB" value="255"/>
                <property key="labeling/bufferColorG" value="255"/>
                <property key="labeling/bufferColorR" value="255"/>
                <property key="labeling/bufferSize" value="1"/>
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty0" value=""/>
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty1" value=""/>
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty10"
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty11"
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty12"
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty13"
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty14"
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty2" value=""/>
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty3" value=""/>
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty4" value=""/>
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty5" value=""/>
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty6" value=""/>
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty7" value=""/>
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty8" value=""/>
                <property key="labeling/dataDefinedProperty9"
                <property key="labeling/decimals" value="0"/>
                <property key="labeling/dist" value="0"/>
                <property key="labeling/distInMapUnits" value="false"/>
                <property key="labeling/enabled" value="true"/>
                <property key="labeling/fieldName" value="number"/>
                <property key="labeling/fontFamily" value="MS Shell Dlg
                <property key="labeling/fontItalic" value="false"/>
                <property key="labeling/fontSize" value="8.25"/>
                <property key="labeling/fontSizeInMapUnits"
                <property key="labeling/fontStrikeout" value="false"/>
                <property key="labeling/fontUnderline" value="false"/>
                <property key="labeling/fontWeight" value="50"/>
                <property key="labeling/formatNumbers" value="false"/>
                <property key="labeling/isExpression" value="false"/>
                <property key="labeling/labelPerPart" value="false"/>
                <property key="labeling/mergeLines" value="false"/>
                <property key="labeling/minFeatureSize" value="0"/>
                <property key="labeling/obstacle" value="true"/>
                <property key="labeling/placement" value="1"/>
                <property key="labeling/placementFlags" value="0"/>
                <property key="labeling/plussign" value="true"/>
                <property key="labeling/priority" value="5"/>
                <property key="labeling/scaleMax" value="0"/>
                <property key="labeling/scaleMin" value="0"/>
                <property key="labeling/textColorB" value="0"/>
                <property key="labeling/textColorG" value="0"/>
                <property key="labeling/textColorR" value="0"/>
                <property key="labeling/wrapChar" value=""/>

Using QGIS 1.8.0 on Windows 7


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I have created a query in the DB Manager SQL Window (data is in a
PostGIS database). The query is then added to the map as a layer.

I copy the style from another layer (rule based style), paste it to my
query layer and the polygons disappear from the map and QGIS gives a
nextFeature() without select() error. This also happens if I apply a qml
style file to the layer.

If I change the styles back to Single Symbol they do not come back. I
can see the records in the Attribute table, and I can select them and
zoom to them on the map, I just cannot see them.

I have to re-add the query layer using the DB Manager SQL window again.

It only seems to be the polygon layers that cause problems at the

Does anyone know the cause of this?


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