[Qgis-developer] how to use sextante svn?

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sat Jun 2 03:02:59 PDT 2012

Il 02/06/2012 11:30, skampus ha scritto:
> is there a way to know which version of sextante dev. version qgis is using?
> i have installed tortoiseSVN, assigned the right (?) url to
> C:\Users\skampus\.qgis\python\plugins\sextante folder
> (C:\Users\skampus\.qgis\python\plugins\sextante) and made first time the SVN
> checkout and then SVN update.
> all is ok and tortoise log tells me there is the r211 version, but qgis
> doesn't seem to recognize the correction victor & c. made. 
> for instance, the error in saga idw model, already fixed, for me still
> exists.
> do i have to do any other operation?

please check that in
you have
about  core    fusion  grass  help    __init__.py   lastools	  mmqgisx  otb	
parameters	r     script		 SextantePlugin.pyc
algs   ftools  gdal    gui    images  __init__.pyc  metadata.txt  modeler  outputs
 pymorph	saga  SextantePlugin.py
and not a sextante subfolder.
Then it should work.
All the best.
Paolo Cavallini - Faunalia
Full contact details at www.faunalia.eu/pc

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