[Qgis-developer] QGIS choosing invalid primary key column

Nathan Woodrow madmanwoo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 07:24:47 PDT 2012

1.8 is due for release very soon, soon as in tonight if everything goes
to plan. I very much dout there will ever be a 1.7.5 as we don't have
the man power. Sorry about that.

- Nathan
From: Ivan Mincik
Sent: 12/06/2012 12:05 AM
To: qgis-developer at lists.osgeo.org
Subject: Re: [Qgis-developer] QGIS choosing invalid primary key column
On 06/11/2012 12:39 PM, Ivan Mincik wrote:
>> That's removed in 1.8.
> I am thinking about 1.7 fix to update column query
> (QgsPostgresProvider::getPrimaryKey) to return primary key column first
> by adding ordering by 'indisprimary' column:
> select indkey from pg_index where indisunique and
> indrelid=regclass('"vranov"."v_budovy"')::oid and indpred is null order
> by indisprimary desc

It seems that it fixed the problem. Patch attached for reference.
Is there any chance of releasing 1.7.5 ? Should I create pull request ?

Ivan Mincik

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