[Qgis-developer] Announcing the release of QGIS 1.8

Salvatore Larosa lrssvtml at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 02:23:01 PDT 2012


Il giorno gio, 21/06/2012 alle 11.14 +0200, Tim Sutton ha scritto:
> We are very pleased to announce the release of QGIS 1.8.0 'Lisboa'.
> This release contains new features and extends the programmatic
> interface over QGIS 1.0.x and QGIS 1.7.x
> Binary and source code packages are available at:
> http://download.qgis.org
> If there is not yet a package for your platform on the above page,
> please check back regularly as packagers are still pushing out their
> work and they will update the download page to reflect the new
> packages. Along with the release of QGIS 1.8.0, the QGIS Community
> Team is hard at work on an updated QGIS Users' Guide version 1.8.0.
> The guide will be available in the near future - we will post
> announcements when it is available.
> A word of thanks to our contributors, donors and sponsors
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> QGIS is a largely volunteer driven project, and is the work of a
> dedicated team of developers, documenters and supporters. We extend
> our thanks and gratitude for the many, many hours people have
> contributed to make this release happen. Many companies and
> organisations contribute back improvements to QGIS when they use it as
> their platform, and we are grateful for this and encourage others to
> do the same! We would also like to thank our sponsors and donors for
> helping to promote our work through their financial contributions. Our
> current* sponsors are:
> Silver Sponsor
> - State of Vorarlberg (http://www.vorarlberg.at - Austria, November 2011)
> Bronze Sponsors
> - Argusoft (http://www.argusoft.de - Germany, June 2012)
> - GeoSynergy (http://www.geosynergy.com.au - Australia May, 2012)
> - ibW Bildungszentrum Wald (http://www.bzwmaienfeld.ch - Switzerland,
> March 2012)
> - City of Uster (http://gis.uster.ch - Switzerland - November 2011)
> *QGIS Sponsorship is valid for one year.
> A current list of donors who have made contributions large and small
> to the project can be seen here:
> http://qgis.org/en/sponsorship/donors.html
> If you would like to make a donation or sponsor our project, please
> visit http://www.qgis.org/en/sponsorship.html . QGIS is Free software
> and you are under no obligation to do so.
> Visual tour of the new release:
> --------------------------------------------
> You can find a list of highlighted changes and new features listed on
> the detailed release announcement available here:
> http://qgis.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=149
> New features with this release:
> ---------------------------------------------
> - QGIS Browser - a stand alone app and a new panel in QGIS. The
> browser lets you easily navigate your file system and connection based
> (PostGIS, WFS etc.) datasets, preview them and drag and drop items
> into the canvas.
> - DB Manager - the DB manager is now officially part of QGIS core. You
> can drag layers from the QGIS Browser into DB Manager and it will
> import your layer into your spatial database. Drag and drop tables
> between spatial databases and they will get imported. You can use the
> DB Manager to execute SQL queries against your spatial database and
> then view the spatial output for queries by adding the results to QGIS
> as a query layer.
> - Action Tool - now there is a tool on the map tools toolbar that will
> allow you to click on a vector feature and execute an action.
> - MSSQL Spatial Support - you can now connect to your Microsoft SQL
> Server spatial databases using QGIS.
> - Customization - allows setting up simplified QGIS interface by
> hiding various components of main window and widgets in dialogs.
> - New symbol layer types - Line Pattern Fill, Point Pattern fill
> - Composers - have multiple lines on legend items using a specified character
> - Expression based labelling
> - Heatmap tool - a new core plugin has been added for generating
> raster heatmaps from point data. You may need to activate this plugin
> using the plugin manager.
> - GPS Tracking - The GPS live tracking user interface was overhauled
> and many fixes and improvements were added to it.
> - Menu Re-organisation - The menus were re-organised a little - we now
> have separate menus for Vector and Raster and many plugins were
> updated to place their menus in the new Vector and Raster top level
> menus.
> - Offset Curves - a new digitising tool for creating offset curves was added.
> - Terrain Analysis Plugin - a new core plugin was added for doing
> terrain analysis - and it can make really good looking coloured relief
> maps.
> - Ellipse renderer - symbollayer to render ellipse shapes (and also
> rectangles, triangles, crosses by specifying width and height).
> Moreover, the symbol layer allows to set all parameters (width,
> height, colors, rotation, outline with) from data fields, in mm or map
> units
> - New scale selector with predefined scales
> - Option to add layers to selected or active group
> - Pan To Selected tool
> - New tools in Vector menu - densify geoemtries, Build spatial index
> - Export/add geometry column tool can export info using layer CRS,
> project CRS or ellipsoidal measurements
> - Model/view based tree for rules in rule-based renderer
> - Updated CRS selector dialog
> - Improvements in Spatial Bookmarks
> - Plugin metadata in metadata.txt
> - New plugin repository
> - Refactored postgres data provider: support for arbitrary key
> (including non-numeric and multi column), support for requesting a
> certain geometry type and/or srid in QgsDataSourceURI
> added gdal_fillnodata to GDALTools plugin
> - Support for PostGIS TopoGeometry datatype
> - Python bindings for vector field symbollayer and general updates to
> the python bindings.
> - New message log window
> - Benchmark program
> - Row cache for attribute table
> - Legend independent drawing order
> - UUID generation widget for attribute table
> - Added support of editable views in SpatiaLite databases
> - Expression based widget in field calculator
> - Creation of event layers in analysis lib using linear referencing
> - Group selected layers option added to the TOC context menu
> - load/save layer style (new symbology) from/to SLD document
> - WFS support in QGIS Server
> - Option to skip WKT geometry when copying from attribute table
> - upport for zipped and gzipped layers
> - Test suite now passes all tests on major platforms and nightly tests
> - Copy and paste styles between layers
> - Set tile size for WMS layers
> - Support for nesting projects within other projects
> Happy QGIS'ing!
> Regards,
> The QGIS Team!

Salvatore Larosa
linkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/larosasalvatore
twitter: @lrssvt
skype: s.larosa
IRC: lrssvt on freenode

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