[Qgis-developer] Fwd: Bug in Georeferencer

Andrew Miller A.J.Miller at bcs.org.uk
Fri Jun 22 06:42:13 PDT 2012

I've found a small bug in the Georeferencer plugin.

When I tick the "Use 0 for transparency when needed" and click "Start
georeferencing" against an image that is rotated, I end up with a GeoTiff
that has 3 bands, and black triangles in each corner.  However, if I click
"Generate GDAL script" and manually run the generated commands, a 4 band
GeoTiff is created, with Band 4 as an alpha layer and the 4 corner
triangles marked as transparent.

It seems that Georeferencer is not applying the -dstalpha flag when running
gdalwarp (this is the only difference in the generated script when the "Use
0 for transparency when needed" is toggled).

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