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Martin Spott Martin.Spott at mgras.net
Wed Jun 27 08:34:31 PDT 2012

Werner Macho wrote:

> I would assist in upgrading - but reading what has to be done I wonder
> if we should wait for debian 7.0 and upgrade/reinstall when the latest
> version is here ..

I'd say this vastly depends on what you're actually planning to do - as
usual  :-)
If you're aiming at a complete reinstall, then it *might* be worthwhile
to wait for the next Debian stable, otherwise I'd highly recommend to
dist-upgrate from 5.x to 6.x first instead of going from 5.x to 7.x

Debian releases are usually delayed by a couple of months, thus if
you'd like to catch the latest security fixes, waiting for the next
stable might not be the first choice.

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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