[Qgis-developer] Plugin development from amateur...

Borys Jurgiel lists at borysjurgiel.pl
Tue Mar 6 19:41:44 EST 2012

> I've upgraded the python plugin made by Mr Jurgiel "Profile", witch is now
> able to work with polyline, with on the fly projection of raster, and with
> multi-band raster. 

Nice :)

> I'm "amateur" developer, and i think i'm quite
> representative of people who don't know so much about development, but
> want humbly to contribute ... I wanted to join Mr Jurgiel to see if
> there's a place (like git..) where i can find and modify the source. but i
> found nothing. Then, readinq qgis web pages, i learned that there is the
> site "http://plugins.qgis.org/" where plugin can be shared. I registered
> and shared the plugin. also, i decided to create a project under
> http://hub.qgis.org/projects/qgis-user-plugins, as recommended
> So, i've got some questions and remarks :
> - If Mr Jurgiel see my post, does he let me the right to share the plugin,
> whitch is under GNU LGPL ? (Do i need his agreement? - there's a copyright
> with his name on the top of .py code, what does it involve ?) 

Of course you don't need any permission, as long as you follow the GPL 
license. The copyright clause could be applicable e.g. for releasing under 
other license (what would be difficult, as it uses GPL-based QGIS API). 
Btw., it's GPL, not LGPL.

> - How do i
> know that the plugin is validated on http://plugins.qgis.org/ ? And if
> he's not, how do i know why ? I think that de validation procedure is
> quite complicated, everybody should put a plugin on
> http://plugins.qgis.org/. 

Everybody can put a plugin, then one of moderators looks if there is nothing 
malicious and acept it. What is complicated in it? :)

> Maybe enabling comments about the plugin on this
> page should be a good way to : -know if the plugin is good or not,
>      -simply have remarks about the plugin, without opening the tracker
> procedures. That is simplier for lot of people. -Then, creating a project
> on http://hub.qgis.org/projects/qgis-user-plugins, i didn't succeed in
> creating project within the qgis-user-plugins projet. is it normal ? I 've
> read that the admin of the site is moving plugin ? Also, how enabling
> maximum of people to contribute on this plugin ?

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