[Qgis-developer] How do I pass Errors from WFS server to QGIS?

Sridhar Chellappa schellap2009 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 03:09:47 EST 2012


We have a proprietary WFS implementation (a customized solution of
GeoServer) to which our QGIS installation interfaces with.

We need a way to Sanity check the WFS request getting sent on the Wire
based on the user input(an add polygon, for example). We would like to
detect errors (user typo for example) so that QGIS can flag these errors to
the user. We are evaluating a couple of options:

1. Add a custom plugin to the QGIS layer itself. This way, we Sanity Check
the Request before it gets sent.

2. Sanity Check at the server lever. This way, we do not have to worry
about any custom code to QGIS that we will have to carry forward on an

If we go with 1, how can we make it as less painful as possible?
If we go with 2, how do we pass error messages from GeoServer back to QGIS
(for eg, throwing WFSException will work?)

Are there any custom plugins available to
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