[Qgis-developer] QGIS + Inkscape

Brylie Oxley brylie at gnumedia.org
Sun Mar 18 21:40:27 EDT 2012

My name is Brylie Oxley. I am a student at Sierra College in Nevada 
City, CA. I would like to apply for the GSoC program.

I have been studying GIS at Sierra College, where the courses focus on 
proprietary tools. For libre GIS tools to be viable options, we need 
high quality cartographic tools. This is where I see Inkscape as an 
EXCELLENT candidate.

I would like to make an extension for QGIS and/or Inkscape that would 
enable us to send data from QGIS directly to Inkscape. It would also be 
nice to be able to have Inkscape leverage the QGIS API to import 
data/layers into a cartographic project.

I am glad to get any feedback regarding users' experiences sharing data 
between these two programs. I would also like to know what some of the 
components are that I can leverage to create a bridging 
extension/improved cartographic interface for QGIS.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Brylie Oxley

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