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Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
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 The first question that I had to ask myself in this thread: what is the 
 reason why one wants to move from QGIS to Inkscape? Are there ways to 
 improve QGIS so this extra step in a separate software isn't necessary 
 any more? Would it be more useful to implement missing features in QGIS 
 rather than spending a lot of time trying to let two separate software 
 packages talk to each other?

 If you really want to work on improving the situation between QGIS and 
 Inkscape I think it would be best to either:

 * work on SVG read/write support in GDAL (something along the lines of 
 http://www.carto.net/svg/utils/shp2svg/ - which is a bit outdated by now 
 -> the idea was to improve GDAL SVG support
 * improve the qtSVG libraries so QGIS can output more semantically rich 
 SVG output (e.g. with layer names, text stays as text, include attribute 
 data in a foreign namespace so that it can be displayed in Inkscape, 
 improve the styling situation, etc.)

 I would be interested/available to discuss options and support your 
 work in some ways if I can.

 Let us know what you decide!


 On Mon, 19 Mar 2012 09:20:01 +0100, Marco Hugentobler wrote:
> Hi Brylie
> A very good thing would be to improve the SVG export from the print
> composer. In fact, this would mean to improve the SVG export in the 
> Qt
> libraries. And from this work, other Qt applications would
> automatically benefit as well (a large number of applications).
> Regards,
> Marco
> On 19.03.2012 02:40, Brylie Oxley wrote:
>> Hello,
>> My name is Brylie Oxley. I am a student at Sierra College in Nevada 
>> City, CA. I would like to apply for the GSoC program.
>> I have been studying GIS at Sierra College, where the courses focus 
>> on proprietary tools. For libre GIS tools to be viable options, we 
>> need high quality cartographic tools. This is where I see Inkscape as 
>> an EXCELLENT candidate.
>> I would like to make an extension for QGIS and/or Inkscape that 
>> would enable us to send data from QGIS directly to Inkscape. It would 
>> also be nice to be able to have Inkscape leverage the QGIS API to 
>> import data/layers into a cartographic project.
>> I am glad to get any feedback regarding users' experiences sharing 
>> data between these two programs. I would also like to know what some 
>> of the components are that I can leverage to create a bridging 
>> extension/improved cartographic interface for QGIS.
>> Thank you for your time and consideration,
>> Brylie Oxley
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