[Qgis-developer] gsoc 2012

Victor Olaya volayaf at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 12:41:03 EDT 2012

> By the way, which one should be considered as the main home page for
> https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/software/sextante/description
> http://www.sextantegis.com/
> http://sextante.googlecode.com/

sextantegis.com is the official one. The google code one is where the
code is kept. The joinup one is our previous platform, but for some
reason they do not remove the project from there, although we have
asked that many times :-(

By the way, I also think that duplication is not bad, and some
algorithms in SEXTANTE will be repeated, but that is good as long as
the interface is clear and represents a global entry point for all
analysis task whitin QGIS (that is what I am trying to do...)


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