[Qgis-developer] Internationalisation of Cookbook and User Manual

MORREALE Jean Roc jr.morreale at enoreth.net
Fri Mar 23 02:50:02 EDT 2012

Le 23/03/2012 05:11, Tim Sutton a écrit :
> Hi all
> @Otto - I have been rethinking the strategy we discussed in Zurich
> of having translations in branches / subtrees.
> Newer versions of sphinx support gettext for
> internationalisation[1]. Unfortunately the cookbook is translated by
> 'full copy' translation which I think is going to be much more work
> for translators to maintain in the future and misses out some
> opportunities for real collaborative translation work. Can anyone
> think of a reasonable way to move the existing translations into
> gettext? At the very least I would like to ensure that we don't take
> this 'multiple copy' approach when migrating the other documentation
> (especially the user manual). @Paolo Corti - can you confirm if it
> was also your idea to use gettext approach and if that works with the
> web translation platform you will implement? By the way newer
> versions of QtLinguist can deal with .po files too so there is a nice
> desktop gui option for doing translations too.
> http://sphinx.pocoo.org/latest/intl.html
> Regards

Paolo, will you come to the HF in Lyon ? This would be the good place to
sort these things up and to teach it to the translators (me) :)

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