[Qgis-developer] Directions needed for GSOC Proposal

Vincent Picavet vincent.ml at oslandia.com
Mon Mar 26 06:09:00 EDT 2012


Le lundi 26 mars 2012 12:01:20, Paolo Cavallini a écrit :
> Il 26/03/2012 12:01, G. Allegri ha scritto:
> > I think the GPL code is mandatory for the "bridge", eventually. Not all
> > the underlying code requires to be GPL. Am I wrong?
> I did some research on this, and the conclusion is that import is
> functionally and legally equivalent to linking during compilation, so
> everything that imports qgis must be GPL.


I did some research as well, and came to the same conclusion.
Studies have been done (by the zope group among others), and this is the 
general final statement.


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