[Qgis-developer] Re: import proprietary code inside a python plugin

Vincent Picavet vincent.ml at oslandia.com
Tue Mar 27 05:06:19 EDT 2012


> In osgeo4w the gdal-ecw DLLs are released binary compiled. I never needed
> to compile them by myself. Are you saying that osgeo4w is doing something
> incorrect?

The gdal/ecw case is particularly complex, as the ECW licence changes 
regularly and is some kind of opensource but not really.

As for YOUR specific case, I think you should have understood by now that it's 
not possible to use Arcgis inside a python plugin, whatever the energy you 
deploy to try to convince the world to the opposite.
The only exception to that would be to have a python plugin which is _not 
dependant_ on arcgis (which means arcgis is completely optional), and which 
communicate with another process. The latter can use arcgis, can be free or 
non-free, but must _not_ import any GPL code and _must_ do data exchange 
through a non contaminating method : file, database, webservice_


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