[Qgis-developer] new plugin "Loop Visible Layers" awaiting

Nathan Woodrow madmanwoo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 05:08:19 EDT 2012

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Why don't we just make the author have a README file using plain text
or reStructedText which we can then render it on the plugin site like
what GitHub does.

- nathan
From: Paolo Cavallini
Sent: 28/03/2012 6:18 PM
To: qgis-developer at lists.osgeo.org
Subject: Re: [Qgis-developer] new plugin "Loop Visible Layers" awaiting
On 28/03/2012 10:06, Richard Duivenvoorde wrote:

> What about the idea of forcing a plugin-creator to write a wiki-page with the
> information what the plugin is supposed to to AND some test directions (preferebly
> with some downloadable code).

This matches my proposal to make mandatory to add some lengthy
description of the
plugin. IMHO it is better to have it inside the plugin, rather than as
an external
resource, and display it in the plugin page on http://plugins.qgis.org
Also, it would be useful to have sample data to reproduce the plugins
functions, when
All the best.
Paolo Cavallini - Faunalia
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