[Qgis-developer] Handling of donations

Marco Bernasocchi marco at bernawebdesign.ch
Thu Mar 29 07:35:55 EDT 2012

looks like there are plenty of payments app for django [0]
I think the question is do we want to keep only paypal or add more 

as well, we could have a look in just simply configure paypal to send 
out a mail and add a name to the donor list. shoud be as simple as 
adding a small php file somewhere on our server.


[0] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/772240/django-payment-proccessing
On 03/29/2012 12:06 PM, Tim Sutton wrote:
> Hi
> On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 11:36 AM, Paolo Cavallini<cavallini at faunalia.it>  wrote:
>> On 29/03/2012 11:24, Tim Sutton wrote:
>>> It would be nicer to add it as a wish for django since it is not clear
>>> how long we will persist with joomla in the long run.
>> agreed - however, the app looks a bit complex, especially because it links
>> to payment; are we sure we want to reinvent the wheel?
>> all the best.
> There is probably a django app out there that we could use that does
> something similar. I'll have a look when I have a minute or maybe Ale
> knows of one...
> Regards
> Tim
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Marco Bernasocchi

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