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G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 06:36:16 EDT 2012

I've just tested a dozen of SAGA algorithms, and they worked smooth! ;)
(ok, I admit, I'm on Windows :D)

@Gerhardus, Victor will be able to give you much more informations in the
near future. Sextante is like a toolbox, where pieces of functionalities
are kept together. It can leavarage external softwares (like SAG, R,
Grass), it can incorporate python scripts, etc., and it expose them to the
user in a uniform manner. The user will be able to chain these pieces
together, even through a graphical tool (the modeler), and he doesn't have
to worry much about where they come from, and how they are being called.
So, what is SEXTANTE good for?
 - users: for the reasons I've just said. A lot of different code are
exposed in a coherent manner
 - developers: incorporate their algorithms inside the toolbox, and don't
have to worry to manage user inputs, outpus, the GUI, etc. and they can
also use the other tools available from the toolbox...

This is just a synthetic flight on SEXTANTE ;)


2012/3/30 Gerhardus Geldenhuis <gerhardus.geldenhuis at gmail.com>

> Hi
> Would it be possible to give a 10 000 mile overview of what Sextante does?
> There is quite a mixture of skill levels in this group and I for one am
> certainly not well versed into all the tools of the trade. I appreciate the
> announcement as it provides exposure to possible future tools that could
> be useful to me, but I believe that for the benefit of your tool/product it
> is in your interest to bring us less well versed people up to speed. This
> mailing list in some respects is like a tv channel with a thread like this
> being an advertisement. If I have to go and read about a product to
> understand what it does after having seen a tv advert then it has failed. I
> should not be doing reading to understand what the product does but should
> be reading to get a better understanding of how the product can be
> applicable to my specific problem.
> I did try to read the manual and view a few of the youtube videos in the
> sextante channel but am still non the wiser.
> Regards
> On 29 March 2012 22:11, Victor Olaya <volayaf at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I am glad to announce that a first (tagged as 'experimental') version
>> SEXTANTE for QGIS has been released. It includes, among other things:
>> -Full support for SAGA algorithms
>> -ftool(vector processes) and mmqgis algorithms (these are not only
>> added to be used directly, but also as real examples of how to create
>> new algorithms or migrate existing ones into the SEXTANTE platform)
>> -Support for user-defined R scripts
>> -Support for user defined Python scripts
>> -Graphical modeler
>> -Batch processing interface
>> -History
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