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John Ellis cpjellis at gmail.com
Tue May 1 10:59:12 EDT 2012


I'm new to the list and after reading through some of the archives I don't
believe that anyone else has started working on something like this.

I have thought that a training program or set of classes would be an
excellent addition to the QGIS Community.  After reading through portions
of the QGIS manual, I believe that this would be an excellent basis for
developing an interactive curriculum that can continually be added to as
new features and concepts become available, and mature.

An excellent tool that is available for presenting curriculum is an open
source and free web based platform called Moodle.  I would like to
volunteer to develop a basic curriculum based on the User Manual, and make
this available for free to anyone that is interested.  Eventually adding
more advanced content containing a wide array of topics on GIS.  Also
providing Certificates of Completion for courses that can then be applied
towards the educational component of the GISP certification.  I know that
there is a pretty steep learning curve for any GIS and I would like a way
to ease QGIS users through the 220+ page user manual.

I think that educating users in a structured, and accessible format is the
best way to advance QGIS to take it's rightful place as an industry
standard GIS application.  Do you have any thoughts on this?

John Ellis
cpjellis at gmail.com
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