[Qgis-developer] Bye bye SPIT?

mayeul.kauffmann at free.fr mayeul.kauffmann at free.fr
Wed May 2 08:14:39 PDT 2012

>> Yesterday I imported a large shapefile (which was not even loaded in QGIS) into postgis using the GUI from SPIT; I can't find a way to do so with the DB manager.
> simply drag & drop it
Now you say it I remember seeing a video (yours?) about this, but anyway it does not work for me (status bar complains about pyspatialite missing). I followed the following guide but failed to install it (Ubuntu 11.04):

SPIT only needs shp2psql which is easier to get (provided with postgis). So unless easy support for pyspatialite is guaranteed for all platforms, SPIT might still be useful to someone, no?

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