[Qgis-developer] keeping layer settings tab between layers and qgis sessions can cause problems when histogram tab is the last viewed

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Mon May 7 06:15:22 PDT 2012

A complex object to say something simple :(
When a user opens a layer settings window and hits a tab, the same tab
index is kept when opening another layer settings, or in a new qgis
I had a small raster layer, and I opened the histogram tab.
The today I've opened a big raster layer, and opening the layer settings
caused my pc running and running, till a complete qgis crash.
I supposed it was something with the settings, so I opened the smalle
raster, changed the tab to Style, then I was able to open the large raster
It's corner case probably, and qgis shouldn't crash with huge raster
histograms. Anyway, opening the layer settings to the frist tab would avoid
heartbreaks :)

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