[Qgis-developer] Next Hackfest Location

Marco Hugentobler marco.hugentobler at sourcepole.ch
Wed May 9 00:03:23 PDT 2012


>Please let me know what are the next steps to find a decsison.

I remember from the meeting in Lyon that Valmiera (Latvia) and Essen 
(Germany) are the possibilities for the next HF. So I guess the decision 
is made by developers expressing their preference on the mailinglist.

for me: +1 for having the next hackfest in Essen.


Am 07.05.2012 16:26, schrieb Horst Düster:
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> Hi
> During the Lyon HF we discussed some options where the next hackfest
> could be located. But we didn't make a decision. My offer to held the HF
> in the Linux Hotel in Essen/Germany at beginning of october is expiring
> in the next two weeks. I have to book the venue early because it is very
> popular for FOSS-Community events. How can we make a decision? The exact
> date of the hackfest is 3.10.-7.10.2012.
> Please let me know what are the next steps to find a decsison.
> Regards
> Horst
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