[Qgis-developer] Plugins: wrong update

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Wed May 16 05:06:46 PDT 2012



On 16.05.2012 14:55, Tom Colley wrote: 

>> On Tue, 15 May
2012 10:49:50 +0200 Paolo Cavallini wrote:
>>> AutoPlot and 1-band
plugins have a broken upgrade. This should be
>> solved, > as it is
annoying for users, and confusing for newbies.
>> Hi
>> I am the
author of AutoPlot, is it something I have done wrong? I notice in the
version it says 0.1 -> entries: The version number should be 0.2.
Also, I have previously uploaded the plugin to the user contributed repo
and have not been able to delete it from there. 
>> Thanks

Same problem here. I cannot delete the plugin "1-band..." from the
contributed repo. 

May I suggest that one of the people having admin
access rights to this repo delete the "1-band..." plugin from the repo,
if at all possible and easy to do? 


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