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Fri May 25 11:13:38 PDT 2012

El , Victor Olaya <volayaf at gmail.com> escribió:
> Sounds great to me.

> I have given you write access to the SEXTANTE SVN (as I told you, this

> might change to another location if it finally gets integrated into

> QGIS, but for now it will remain there, at least until the end of

> GSoC). Feel free to add your changes there so we can all start testing

> them. It affects just a single element of SEXTANTE (though a key

> one!), so there is no risk of breaking anything else. Also, SEXTANTE

> is still an experimental and unstable plugin, so I see no reason why

> you should keep your code in a different place.

Uhm. I am still a bit afraid of breaking stuff, I must admit. I'll post  
patches attached to blog posts till this is more mature, ie doesn't  
randomly crash taking QGIS down. I hope we can switch to git soon, and keep  
a separate branch for mt-related code. Or maybe I should figure out how  
distributed svn works (never used it that way).

> Regarding the progress elements, they are very simple now and in fact

> only the main parameters dialog acts as a progress display. We can

> maybe leave them like that (passing the progress object to the

> algorithm) in a first step, and then implement some sort of signaling

> mechanism

Yes, I that is the approach I have taken for now. Eventually there could be  
a mechanism for the algorithms to fire the signals themselves. It might  
also be a good thing if they react to cancel signals. Currently, canceled  
algorithms just keep running and their output is ignored.

BTW, QtConcurrent was mentioned in the other thread as nice, functional,  
high level api for threading. It has the advantage of keeping a thread pool  
around and reusing them, and, I believe, the QGIS core uses it. Only  
problem is, there seem to be no bindings for python, because of some sort  
of incompatibility with the interpreter I don't understand.


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