[Qgis-developer] Server features

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Wed Nov 14 21:40:07 PST 2012

Il 14/11/2012 21:02, Marco Lechner - FOSSGIS e.V. ha scritto:
> I am very interested in participating in this as it points out to be a
> main topic in the EU and also targets performance dicussions.
Hi all.
Glad to see my note has solicited so much interest. Let me try to summarize:
- INSPIRE compliance is interesting, and boils down to thoroughly
implement OGC standards; I think we should make QGIS ISPIRE-ready out of
the box (BTW, this would also be a very good marketing tool in Europe)
- there is interest in improving performances; however, our strength is
in the speed of configuration, something more and more important for users
- integrating a mabtiles and mapcache, possibly without reinventing the
wheel, but having it out of the box, is also good
- WPS will be more and more important, as well as Python bindings and
capability of running sextante scripts
- mask layers is interesting
- symbol placement and label offset are cool, not only for server.
Better open tickets as feature requests, not to forget about these ideas?
All the best.

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