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Thanks for your answer Paolo.

I obviously already thought about developing caching in QGIS. But :
* it would be a big work, and if so, I think using an external powerful
library as Mapcache makes more sense
* it took us only one day to develop the caching system in Lizmap, because
PHP and the jelix framework provide all the stuff needed to achieve this
goal efficiently. This is why we did it (why not at this cost :)  )  We
could also use memcache, postgresql bdd to store the cache, etc.

It make me think about authentication. We could also think about developing
a kind of map proxy inside QGIs Server (to protect WMS services, etC.), but
I also think it is not the best place. Other tools have already all the
methods to do it simply (as Jelix we use for Lizmap). Think about ldap, or
other auth systems...  Not to mention that groups, users and rights must be
store in one database, so we would need to have a dedicated database for
QGIS which stores them and link to projects. And developp the user
interface to manage it.

I really think we should focus on performance improvement and spatial OGC
services (like WPS) in order to keep QGIS Server robust and easy to use.

2012/11/15 Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it>

> Il 15/11/2012 10:14, kimaidou ha scritto:
> > A very short answer here : have you checked the Lizmap ability to
> > create automatic tile cache ? It supports metatiling too.
> > As I know, it is the only open-source solution which can simply use a
> > QGIS project, build a map and dynamically create tile caching with
> > metatile support.
> >
> > Sorry for this intervention about Lizmap. But as it is open-source,
> > and deeply dependant of QGIS, I think people won't mind. Tell me
> > otherwise, I will stop.
> Indeed, it is a pleasure to hear that. I was thinking of having tiling
> embedded on the server, so it will be available for all clients, but
> maybe your approach has more sense, unsure about that.
> Thanks.
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