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Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Mon Nov 19 01:47:35 PST 2012

 Hi Paolo and others,

 The situation with GeoPDF is a bit similar to DXF - which basically 
 means that although ogr supports it it will be a LOT of work to support 
 it, because of the following:

 * QGIS needs to support OGR feature styling first - needs to 
 automatically convert QGIS symbology to OGR feature styling. The problem 
 here is, that QGIS has a richer symbology feature set than OGR and it 
 would only work for simpler symbology anyway.
 * QGIS needs to support the export of several QGIS layers into one OGR 
 * SVG symbols need to be converted into symbols that OGR can digest - 
 or we have enhance OGR to support SVG to xx conversion.
 * while exporting you probably also want to take into account a certain 
 export map scale (e.g. exporting for scale of 1:1000) and QGIS would 
 have to read all symbology and label rules for that certain map scale to 
 apply them - even if GeoPDF and DXF are in real-world coordinates.

 All of these mean probably several hundred hours of work.

 The good news is that the first bullet point is already financed by the 
 City of Morges - with the purpose of exporting DXF files while keeping 
 the symbology as close as possible. Marco H. will work on it before the 
 end of the year.

 If you have additional funding it would help to speed up the process.


 On Sun, 18 Nov 2012 14:43:35 +0100, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> Hi all.
> Quite nice new GeoPDF support in GDAL:
> http://latuviitta.org/documents/Geospatial_PDF_maps_from_OSM_with_GDAL.pdf
> Hopefully we'll support it soon?
> Thanks Maurizio AKA napo for the link.
> All the best.

 Andreas Neumann
 Böschacherstrasse 10A
 8624 Grüt (Gossau ZH)

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