[Qgis-developer] more advanced editing tools

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at faunalia.pt
Thu Nov 29 11:48:10 PST 2012

 Hi Bernhard

> this was requested here, too. Fill hole seems (theoretically) quite simple,
> the other one is harder:
> 1) which layers are defined to form the space to be filled. Any line or
> polygon layer could do it. Maybe one would use the ones that are ticked for
> avoid intersection.
> 2) what happens if these layers do not form a closed boundary around the
> point where the user clicked? how would you detect this?

actually my suggestion wasn't that advanced:

* the tool should work on just one layer

* the tool should be able to fill all holes and/or spaces (with
polygons) in one go


* allow the user click on a specific hole/space, fill it (with a
polygon) and pop-up the dialog for attributes

there is a plugin (does not seem mantained) that works in a similar
way, so I guess that it implemets a detection code, anyway it just
fills holes (not spaces), one at the time, and does not ask to fill


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