[Qgis-developer] WFS Selection UI Improvements

Jeremy Palmer JPalmer at linz.govt.nz
Mon Apr 1 20:23:15 PDT 2013

Hi QGIS devs,

Do you think it is possible to get this UI improvement merged before 2.0?


Sorry if this type of change was required before the feature freeze, but I've been a little busy over the last few weeks. However I guess it is debatable if this is a feature or a UI change.

One other change that I would like to see in QGIS 2.0 is the ability for the WFS provider to implement the subsetString() method. This would allow users can change the layer attribute filter once the layer has been added map. I'm close to finishing testing on this, but it will take one or two more days to complete. Would it be possible to get this accepted post the feature freeze as well?


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