[Qgis-developer] the feature freeze bug report

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at faunalia.pt
Wed Apr 3 06:44:43 PDT 2013

Hi all,

as feature freeze deadline has passed here it comes a resume of the
bug situation. A few of them are awaiting feedback and maybe can be
closed, but most of them are still valid.

*) there are 90 bugs classified as blockers


that's it, are all regressions or new features added along the last
year that do not work at all or do not work as they should be.

by category

browser 2
c++ plugins 5
data providers 1
digitizing 8
ftools 11
globe 1
grass 6
gui 1
labelling 3
map legend 3
mapserver 2
printing 4
project load/save 4
projections 1
python plugins and bindings 1
rasters 10
style v2 1
symbology 2
vectors 13
wcs 1
wfs 4
wms 3

*) there are 31 bugs classified as "causes crash or data corruption"
that are not blockers


*) there are 37 tickets with a patch attached


a few of them are also (awaiting) in github pull request queue

Regarding the switch from old labelling/symbology to the new engine,
the page is *almost* obsolete, but not quite yet


beside missing a real color randomizer there is a big issue with
labels not being saved in qgis styles


and another 2/3 styling options that were available in the old
symbology that are not in the new one

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