[Qgis-developer] Old symbology removed in master

Martin Dobias wonder.sk at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 15:38:37 PDT 2013


just a quick note that old symbology API has been removed: QgsRenderer
(+ implementations), QgsSymbol and few others are gone. Projects using
old symbology still can be loaded and old symbology will be
automatically converted to new symbology (just in memory, so if you do
not save the project it will continue using old symbology). There are
few things that are currently not being converted properly to new
- data-defined rotation / scale / symbol name - TODO
- map units flag for point symbol - TODO
- texture for fill style - no equivalent in new symbology (svg fill is
better anyway)
- continuous color renderer - no equivalent in new symbology
(graduated symbol renderer may be used instead)
- composer - legend items for old symbology are ignored and need to be
recreated manually

Old labeling has been kept as-is - there's not so much code involved
(basically just one class, QgsLabel) so it's not such hot topic within
the API cleanup.

I am aware that few unit tests related to rendering got broken, I will
fix them soon. (btw. there are few failing tests not related to the
symbology changes: qgis_atlascompositiontest, qgis_composerhtmltest)

How do others feel about dropping "V2" postfix from new symbology
classes for QGIS 2.0? E.g. QgsSymbol instead of QgsSymbolV2. I would
like to see those removed to keep the API clean.


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