[Qgis-developer] Old symbology removed in master

Martin Dobias wonder.sk at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 14:19:42 PDT 2013

On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 10:46 PM, Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it> wrote:
> Il 08/04/2013 20:32, Martin Dobias ha scritto:
>>> I would add the random colour assignment (or, did I miss
>>> something?)
>> I am not sure what you mean with that.
> in old symbology, one could choose the Unique value renderer, click on
> Classify, and get a random colour assignment for each class.
> The same operation with new symbology is much more convoluted, and
> requires far more clicks to get an almost equal result.

I agree, but that would be a new feature to make random color
assignment simpler in new symbology.


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