[Qgis-developer] Setting up test with plugin..

Chris Crook ccrook at linz.govt.nz
Thu Apr 11 00:58:22 PDT 2013

Hi All

I'm fixing a long standing bug in the delimited text plugin (new lines in quoted fields in CSV files), and as part of this I want to build some tests. I'm starting from test_qgsmemoryprovider.py, which seems to be a good starting point, except that before I can run any tests I need to install the plugin.

So I'm looking for a steer on how install the plugin into the registry in order to be able to test it.  It looks like this should just be a call to


but I'm not sure what the proper way to get the path-to-plugin is in the test.  Which I guess should account for the difference between Windows and linux.

Any advice gratefully received!


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