[Qgis-developer] Is there anybody interested whether QGIS 2.0 will support non-Latin1 Shapefiles?

Borys Jurgiel lists at borysjurgiel.pl
Fri Apr 12 04:30:43 PDT 2013

Hi All,

As most of us know, QGIS 1.8 and 1.9 *in fact doesn't support Shapefiles* with 
encodings other than Latin-1. Assuming that all recent QGIS versions use GDAL 
1.9, *the last usable version was 1.7.3* (at least for windows users in 
Poland). Thanks to the 'ignore shapefile encoding' workaround, QGIS built 
against GDAL 1.9 is at least able to open other encodings, however, the 'Save 
layer as' action still creates corrupted files unless you know how to trick the 
encoding selector as well as the layer creating options.

From my point of view it's just an *incredible regression*, as QGIS just 
doesn't support Shapefiles in most languages for a year or so. If there is 
anybody else interested in bringing back support for at least UTF-8 and cp12xx 
in QGIS 2.0 pleeeease join me ;)) and review the pull request:


Maybe someone have a better solution? Maybe someone can provide the test files 
Jürgen suggested? I don't believe nobody cares whether QGIS 2.0 supports not 
Latin-1 Shapefiles or not.

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